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Christmas geek present ideas

Dec 8, 2002 — This Christmas, I can't really think of much that I want. What kind of geeky, techy stuff can you think of? I've seen a few cool things at thinkgeek.com, but there must be more things out there?

Dylia says:

I would give suggestions, but I am not geeky enough.
Nerdy? Oh yes, that is me. Yes, I [b]am[/b] overly-excited about [link http://startrek.com]Star Trek:Nemesis [/link]. But I do not have the computer know-how to have the title "geek".

Wirehead says:

I like USB sticks. Those little doodads you can pretty much use as a keychain but which can store like, 50 or 100 mb of data. Neat.

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