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Christmas geek present ideas

Dec 8, 2002 / 2 Replies This Christmas, I can't really think of much that I want. What kind of geeky, techy stuff can you think of? I've seen a few cool things at thinkgeek.com, but there must be more things out there?

German Forklift Safety Video

Dec 3, 2002 / 1 Reply Those crazy Germans are at it again!

[link http://www.fear.net/~mexi/staplerfahrer_klaus.wmv]German Forklift Safety Video (6.9 megs)[/link]

Warning: Bloody! Rated R (by me).

Look at this Dylan

Jul 18, 2002 / 1 Reply Some might know I do coding for [link http://www.rq3.com]Reaction Quake 3[/link]. They wanted a name for the tag on a briefcase model (Capture the Briefcase, a variant of CTF), so I said use "Dylan". In Reaction Quake 3 2.1, look closely at the blue team's briefcase and you should see [link http://sonic128.tdekon.com/storage/bcase.jpg]this[/link].